Direct lender installment loans allow you to borrow significant sums of money and pay them in multiple installments over time. More notable is that these loans charge reduced interest rates; thus, borrowers cannot feel exploited by their lenders. Such loans often come in handy mainly during financial strains, including meeting due bills as well as attending to emergency health requirements.

RKS Loans offers a much better alternative to online matching services in a couple of ways. This includes one being able to obtain installment loans from direct lenders at platinum levels. Also, unlike other online lenders, we may report to credit bureaus, thus building your credit history. However, you cannot access direct installment loans in all states due to stringent laws and regulations.

What Are Direct Installment Lenders?

Direct lenders are responsible for issuing the loans directly; hence, the money given to approved borrowers comes from the lender. Direct lenders are legitimate and may vary from local, online, and national banks to credit unions or even the government. Upon applying for direct installment loans, the direct lender reviews them and then approves them only if you qualify. Afterward, they release the funds into your account.

Since lenders consider borrowers with bad credit as risky applicants, some installment loan direct lenders may be adamant about lending such applicants money. However, there are direct lender installment loans that offer loans regardless of your credit history. However, when dealing with such lenders, beware that you are likely to be subjected to higher interest rates. Since terms and conditions vary with lenders, you have to apply with multiple lenders if you wish to compare loan terms.

Luckily, lenders allow applicants to submit their information to receive a rate quote for the no credit check loans. Subsequently, this means that you are able to shop around comparing different lenders without hurting your credit score.

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How Direct Lender Installment Loans Work

Attaining direct lender installment loans may prove to be a short-term solution in case you find yourself short on cash, thus being unable to meet your due bills. You may borrow a personal loan to cater to a wide range of financial obligations, including debt consolidation, emergencies, home projects, as well as to meet education expenses.

However, before signing for such types of loans, you must be aware of some facts. This is because there are numerous places where you can obtain installment loans from direct lenders with many favorable terms.

Below are the differences between obtaining online installment loans from direct lenders and attaining loans from other sources.

Installment loans from brokers

It is quite inarguable that online lending is a big deal today. Moreover, reports can show that close to all online loans are transacted through brokers. However, borrowers tend to be left out with brokers in terms of the range of loan services available to them. One more concern is the safety of one’s information and personal data. This is majorly due to the existence of phishing scams aimed at unsuspecting borrowers. Keeping this information in mind, you can always remember that seeking installment loans from direct lenders is a much greater alternative to working with brokers.

Installment loans from banks

It often reaches a point where you consider securing a credit union or local bank. However, unlike in the past, people no longer walk into long queues in traditional banks to seek loan services. By forgoing the traditional banking relations and instead opt for online banking or no banking at all. However, some bank lenders act as brokers, thus bringing up concerns about such relationships.

Furthermore, borrowers of bad credit installment loans have a greater chance of being turned down by a traditional bank when applying for a loan. This, in turn, makes direct installment loan lenders a favorite among many; thus, making direct lenders for installment loans valuable in the competitive lending market. Working with a direct lender guarantees you a personal loan, enabling you to avoid political scams, among other red signs.

What Are The Advantages Of Direct Installment Loan Lenders?

Working with a direct lender could be the best option there is even for people with bad credit. However, people with bad credit may have to pay higher interest on their loans than others. Nonetheless, the case is the same when borrowing any loan. Dealing with direct installment loan lenders offers numerous benefits.

Customers tend to feel relieved when they learn about the absence of broker fees in their loan transactions. As a matter of fact, no hidden fees will be presented the whole time the transaction carries through. Direct lender installment loans also offer fast access to money upon approval of the loan. More notably, you will be having the funds transferred into your account in as little as one business day.

Typically, you can apply for installment loans with direct lenders, particularly if you are challenged with a credit or need funds.

What to Consider When Choosing Installment Loans Direct Lenders

If you are in need of a personal loan, you can consider a direct installment loan lender that promises you the most favorable terms. It is often found that some advertised “personal loan lenders” are just middlemen, who will deliver your business to the lenders that will be used. Personal loans can provide an affordable alternative to credit cards and help you fund large transactions in your life while saving money interest.

Whenever you want to ask for a loan, you must have a clear repayment plan that will charge the highest fees. This will take the extra money out of your pocket in the form of broker fees and other hidden costs. Also, worth your consideration is the time frame within which you should clear your loan. This will save you from a lot of trouble.

Requirements for a Direct Lender Installment Loan Qualification

Applying for an installment loan with us is simple and easy. It doesn’t require much from the borrower but a few necessary credentials. Here are some of them.

  • Identification document (Passport, Military card, National ID)
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of income

After meeting all the stipulated requirements, you can then proceed to the loan application procedure, which is rather easy.

  • Find your online loan, or an in-store loan where available
  • Duly filled application document
  • Wait to be approved
  • Get the funds in your account within as little as one day
  • Pay it back in installments over a certain period.

Why Choose RKS Loans for Direct Lender Installment Loans

A major upside with using a state-licensed direct lender is the possibility of transacting business with one company to obtain the loan. This, in turn, eliminates the need of having to deal with capitalistic traits from brokerage firms and other intermediaries. This allows you to move confidently, knowing that RKS Loans will approve you for an installment loan.