In the current economic system, it is common that some people will face financial struggles throughout their lives. To help with that, banks, credit unions, and direct lenders offer loan deals. If you need an extra push to pay off your bills, you can count on a cash advance online.

Perhaps you do not know with precision what a cash advance online is. That is okay, as many people never needed those. For such a reason, this article will clear all things about cash advance loans. Below you will read many topics covering different angles on the subject. If anything is still cloudy for you, you can reach our staff.

In case you already know about cash advance loans, you can see our terms and rates to get a cash advance online right now.

What Is A Cash Advance?

Cash advances are short-term loans issued by banks, credit card issuers, or direct lenders. Cash advance loans usually offer amounts of money accompanied by high-interest rates and fees. Even so, cash advances are still attractive to borrowers due to their versatility and the possibility of quick cash.

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Different Types of Cash Advances

If you are familiar with personal loans, you know there are plenty of loan types, even if you are looking specifically for a sort of service. Depending on the deal you make with your lender or bank, you will pay the entire money advance in one lump sum or through several months.

Installment Loans

Installment loans per se are a loan type that you can get to cover numerous expenses. However, you can turn your cash advance into an installment loan if it is possible to pay in multiple installments. If the value you borrowed with your advance is high, you can divide it and repay more comfortably through an installment loan.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are popular, and sometimes “cash advance” might refer to this loan type. They are issued by appropriate payday lenders and offer low values, usually up to $1000. Their interest rates and fees are very high, but they are still on the market due to how easy it is to get one. Many borrowers who get a payday cash advance have the money requested within less than an hour.

How Does A Cash Loan Work?

Like already said, cash advances can have very high-interest rates. In the case of payday deals, for example, the interest rate is around 400%. Plus, cash advance fees can go from 3% to 5% of the requested amount.

As for terms, you can borrow cash advances to pay in 30 days, or you can get installment cash advances which you will be able to pay throughout many months to come.

No Credit Check Cash Advance

Lenders usually perform a credit check on clients before approving a fast cash advance. However, there are two types of checking, and it is essential to understand each of them.

A hard check happens when the lender needs to review the client’s credit report as part of the decision-making process. Such a type of checking will show up on the borrower’s credit report and impact their credit score.

A soft check, on the other hand, happens when a person checks their credit. It also occurs when a lender needs to check their credit to pre-approve them for an offer. Soft checks do not damage credit scores.

An instant cash advance usually only requires a soft check, and sometimes lenders perform no credit check at all.

How To Qualify For A Cash Advance?

There aren’t many requirements to get an instant cash advance. Most loans will usually require the same things, and they are listed below.

Lenders don’t require much from borrowers when closing an online cash advance deal. That is a common thing for loans in general. Requirements are as follows:

  • Proof of income
  • Being a US citizen
  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Social security number

How To Apply For A Cash Advance?

Like with any loan type, you have two options when you want to get a cash advance. It is simple to get an online cash advance, but you can also find a physical office where a direct lender can talk to you. You can go with whatever feels more comfortable for you.

In both situations, you have to fill a form and write all info needed (as pointed out in the topic above). Depending on your credit situation and how much money you need, you can get the amount within an hour, or you will have to wait a little longer.

Advantages of Getting A Direct Lender Cash Advance

There are plenty of advantages to getting cash advance loans online with a direct lender. For starters, online cash advances lenders get licensed by state law, and the law exists to protect clients. Because of that, any information you share will always be safe.

Moreover, direct lenders are obliged by law to be clear about rates, terms, fees, and every relevant detail about the loan’s contract. By choosing online cash advance loans with a direct lender, you get in full control of your deal.

What To Consider Before Taking Cash Advances With Direct Lenders

Some things should be considered before closing the deal or even reaching a direct lender for a cash advance.

When you need a direct lender cash advance, all your info must be right. Thus, you should check if you can prove your income, if your documents are alright, and if it is okay for you to share data. In any case, your data will always be protected.

Direct lenders usually deal with more than one type of loan. When you go to a direct lender, they might offer you other loan types. You can consider each type and decide if an online cash advance from direct lenders is truly what you need.

Financially, you need to take care of interest rates for cash advances and make sure you will have the money to repay. Cash advances have very high interest rates due to how quick and versatile they are.

Is It Possible To Get A Cash Loan With Bad Credit?

Yes. The reason is that many direct lenders don’t perform a credit check before giving cash advance loans to clients. A cash advance with no credit check is a swift operation, and its interest rates already cover any further expenses and risks for the lender.

If you are looking for no credit check cash advance, you can apply for it right now.

Alternatives To Cash Advances

Getting loans nowadays is easy. There are tons of companies offering different types of deals for different situations. Even if you are unemployed, some lenders are willing to help you get back on the right path with a no credit check cash advance.

If you need a high amount of cash, for example, you can try to get title loans. Those are more controversial than payday cash advances due to their requirements. As the name goes, title loans are granted to you when you give your vehicle title as a guarantee. In case you can’t pay it back, you will lose your title. While such types of loans allow borrowers to fix their financial situation, it is also risky.

Title and payday loans are the quickest options if you need cash right now. However, if you need a large amount, you can get a mortgage loan. That type of loan is more complicated since instead of your car as a guarantee, your house or company can get taken as collateral. Of course, you will remain living in your home or working and taking profit from your company. However, if you fail to pay the mortgage loan, you will lose such things.

Even though you can use cash advances to boost your business, many times, the money from said advances won’t suffice. In such cases, what you can look for are business loans. Tons of companies and even banks offer business loans. That way, you can take a high amount of money to help your business grow.

If you are a student and need money to keep studying, you can take student loans. Those will help you cover books, field trips, and any other kinds of events you need to attend.

Installment loans are also prevalent in the USA. You can take payday advances in the form of installments. However, you can also take installment loans that are not bound by the legislation of payday advances. They have different legislation, meaning you can take a different amount. Such a loan serves various purposes, so it is nice to talk to your lender and understand all the terms.

Benefits Of Taking Cash Advances With RKS Loans

Whenever you need money through a finance advance for any situation, such as paying for bills or investing in your life, you can count on RKS Loans. Cash advances are quick and easy, and with our service, you get reasonable interest rates and fantastic customer service. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to email us, reach our support, or call us. Applying for a cash advance online is quick, and you can get your money even quicker.


What Is A Cash Loan APR?

Every loan carries an interest rate (APR), which impacts the final amount the borrower will pay back to the lender. In the case of a cash advance loan, the APR is exceptionally high. Most credit card issuers and lenders charge around 20% of APR when giving out cash advances. That will change according to the lender and to your credit score if a credit check is needed.

What Is Required To Get A Cash Advance?

Very little is required to get an online cash advance from direct lenders. You need to be at least 18 years old, a US citizen, have a regular income, and a social security number.

How To Get A Cash Advance?

You can request a cash allowance with a bank, your card credit issuer, or a direct lender. All you need is to fill a form sharing the required information, and the loan will probably get approved shortly.

Does A Money Advance Hurt The Credit Score?

Not directly. If you take a cash loan, your credit score will not get immediately affected. However, if you take an online cash advance with your credit card issuer, it will raise your credit utilization ratio. Because of that, it is often better to take loans with direct lenders such as RKS Loans.