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Title loans are a faster method of acquiring funding when there is an emergency. The financial help requires people to own a vehicle which they use as security in gaining the funds. As mentioned in the above definition, customers may be eligible for the service even with poor financial ratings. It is not a must to present your employment proof. Like all other lending services for individuals with poor financial records, title loans feature high charges. Borrowers might lose their cars if they fail to clear them.

What Is a Title Loan?

Also known as a title pawn, the offer is short-term funding for people who own vehicles. The company offering it uses the automobile document as collateral. You can get the money without proof of income. The lenders estimate the amount based on the car’s worth. Borrowers need to repay the cash loans given to them within fifteen or thirty days.

The features:

  • Interest:The offer has high charges.
  • Less financial checks: The online title loans lender does not perform hard credit checks.
  • Repossession: The lending company can repossess the vehicle if the borrower fails to clear their debt.

Online title loans differ from other funding services in several ways. The main one is that it is only for individuals that own automobiles. Other lending offers do not require collateral except in secured loans.

How do Title Loans Work?

Anyone can get a title loan online with no inspection as long as they have a car and a lien-free form. You need to present the vehicle, ownership proof, and the license when applying.

If the application gets approved, the vehicle form will get kept by the lender, and you can get the money.

The term gets determined by the online title loans with no credit check lender. Borrowers can expect a repayment duration of fifteen or thirty days. You can also expect to pay high-interest costs.

How Much Can You Borrow With a Title Loan

The amount customers get from online title loans depends on the car state, value, and the place the person resides.

The amount is often between 25% and 50% of the vehicle’s worth. As per the FTC, the average money is between one hundred dollars and five thousand five hundred dollars. However, some lending entities can offer more than ten thousand dollars.

How Much Does a Title Loan Cost?

The money that customers acquire from online title loans is anything from 25% to 50% of their car worth. You can get as little as one hundred dollars or as high as five thousand five hundred dollars. Some lenders may even give you more than ten thousand dollars.

The title loans fee is 25% of the received amount. The payment equates to an annual percentage rate of nearly three hundred.

What Is Important to Know Before Applying for a Title Loan?

When you require funds urgently and own a vehicle, you may consider getting a title loan. It is the quickest way to acquire cash, but it has a few drawbacks. Below are the benefits and disadvantages that borrowers should know before they get a title loan online.


  1. Quick service
  2. The process of getting online title loans is completely online and fast. In most cases, the lender needs borrowers to fill out an application form available on the lending site. There are no hard credit checks, and it is not a must to present income proof. As long as you have a vehicle, you can expect to get a certain percentage of its value within a few hours or minutes of applying.

  3. Less financial checks
  4. Car title loans are easy to get because lending entities do not perform hard credit checks. You can be eligible for the offer even with poor financial history.

  5. Borrowers remain with their cars
  6. Even if the vehicle acts as collateral, the borrowers can go on using it before repaying their title loans.


  1. High charges
  2. Since the lender accepts low credit scores, an auto title loan has high-interest costs. The rate can go as high as three hundred percent.

  3. Repossession
  4. Failing to pay the online title loan can lead to losing your vehicle. The lender has the right to repossess it. You will end up losing more because the borrowed amount is often lower than the vehicle’s worth.

  5. Excess fees
  6. Borrowers need to pay attention to the excessive charges that come when they get a title loan online. The hidden costs are often in the fine print of the contract. You can encounter charges like repossession costs, credit insurance, etc. Do not fail to analyze the fine print when getting a title loan online.

How to Qualify for a Title Loan?

Below are the minimum requirements for getting bad credit title loans.

  • A borrower should not be below eighteen years.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States.
  • A customer needs to have a lien-free car certificate and an income source. The latter can be from employment, retirement, or disability earnings.
  • One needs to have an active checking account.

How to Apply for a Title Loan?

The process of applying for online title loans is straightforward and fast. Below are the steps followed.

  1. You start by loading the title pawns lending site. You will find an application form that requires you to provide details such as phone number, car information, account number, etc.
  2. There is an additional details section where you need to attach documents such as income proof, vehicle certificate, etc.
  3. After submitting the title pawns application, you need to be patient. The lender may contact you within a few minutes after confirming your details.
  4. If everything is correct, your request will get approved, and the money will get transferred to your account via direct deposit.

What if I Don’t Have a Clear Title?

The clear title has no lien or levy from lenders that questions ownership legality. Borrowers need it to borrow money, but some lending companies can offer people an instant online title loan even without it.

Alternatives to Title Loans

Below are the other ways of getting funding instead of car title loans. Most of them have low interests and do not require collateral.

  1. Payday loans
  2. The short-duration funding involves high-interest rates. The offer is a section of the borrowers coming paycheck. Payday loans are also known as the check or cash advance. They are perfect for solving financial emergencies and are due the next time you get your payment.

  3. Unsecured personal loans
  4. The funding does not need collateral. Instead of depending on the customer’s assets for safety, lending companies approve unsecured personal loans as per one’s creditworthiness. Examples of such offers include credit cards and student loans.

  5. Bad credit loans
  6. The offer is for individuals whose credit history shows financial missteps or someone who never has a chance to build a good credit history. The funding can have collateral like in car title loans, or it can be unsecured. The payment duration, charges, and interest vary depending on the issuer. You can even get a discount on some lending services

  7. Nonprofit organizations
  8. Some organizations can provide temporary financial help to people with emergencies. You may urgently need funds to pay hospital bills, buy home items, pay for school, etc. The funding you can get from nonprofit agencies has low interest charges making it a better alternative to car title loans.

  9. Friends and relatives
  10. The people close to you can be of help when you have a financial problem. Depending on how you relate with them, they can lend you money without charging interest. Some family members will even be willing to assist you without expecting you to pay them back. Nevertheless, if you have to return the cash, ensure to do so on time.

  11. Financial help services
  12. Most US locations have programs meant to offer financial support to individuals with emergencies. If you are unable to get title loans online, you can seek help from the services. You can get money to buy food, pay bills, get medicine, etc.

  13. Payroll advance
  14. You can avoid taking high-interest car title loans if your employer allows advances. You will get some money from your future payment. Getting the money might bring some issues when you need it later, but it will help you solve your current financial problem.

    If the company you work for does not allow advance payment, consider other lending services. You can try to find lenders who can provide funding without interest or any charges.


If you are having challenges getting funding through other lending options, taking car title loans online can be the best alternative. The WorldLoansOnline, one of the reputable companies in the lending business, offers a simplified way of acquiring funds quickly. Expect to get the money the same day you send your application since the lender approves requests fast. There are offers for any level of creditworthiness, and the company does not perform thorough check-on. Once you get funding, the lender will place a lien against your vehicle. You will still use it, but the lien offers the company collateral to secure the payment. As long as you repay the money you receive within the specified time, you will never lose your car. Upon clearing the debt, the WorldLoansOnline Company will remove the lien. You can do all that with a no-store visit since the service is online. There is an excellent team of customer support agents to assist you in case you encounter a problem. You can also check the FAQ section where there are answers to most problems encountered by borrowers.


Below are the questions that most people looking for auto title loans tend to ask.

Where Can I Get a Title Loan?

Auto title loans are available in most lending companies. You can get one from an online lending website or at a physical location. The internet option offers a faster way to acquire funds since you can apply from wherever you are. As long as you meet the specified minimum requirements, your request will get approved, and the funds will be in your account within a few hours.

Can I Get a Title Loan While Still Making Payments?

A title loan has lien conditions. You need to clear the payments and have a lien-free title. Otherwise, you cannot use it as collateral for a new loan at the WorldLoansOnline Company or any other lending entity.

Can I Have Two Title Loans at the Same Time?

No. A lender can never offer two title loans using the same vehicle. You can only get two different fundings if you have two cars. As long as they both have a clear title, the lending companies can give you a loan for each. To get funding with the same vehicle a second time, you need to have cleared your previous debt.

Can I Refinance My Title Loan?

Yes. Refinancing auto title loans helps in easing times when you have financial problems. The action entails asking the lender to pay off the money to a different lender to save your funds and renew the debt’s terms and conditions. Refinancing car title loans will not only save your money but your credit rating too.

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